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Scoring/Stickhandling Clinic

Scoring/Stickhandling Clinic

Where:  Mullett Ice Center
                   700 North Avenue
                   Hartland, WI 53066

2007-2014 Birth Years

August 15th: 9:15-11:15am
August 17th: 9:15-11:15am

Cost: $150

Scoring/Stickhandling Camps will consist of four hours of intensive on ice training. Our hockey camp is a progression based stick handling/passing curriculum, that goes through all of the proper fundamentals to improve your players stick handling/passing abilities dramatically.  We will work full ice, small area making sure all drills are related to hockey game situational play.  Our hockey camp will be both fun as well as a challenge, having players leave with numerous new aspects to improve their hockey game.

Focuses in our hockey camp will be:

  • Soft Hands
  • Beating opponents 1v1
  • Improved puck control/protection
  • Hands off Body
  • Giving/receiving passes
  • Posture
  • Bottom hand movement/control
  • Weight distribution
  • Body/foot deception with puck

Learn to create offense and score goals. Our tacticians will break down the fundamental techniques of shooting and passing and apply them in game situational battles with game theory and strategies incorporated.

  • Wrist, slap, snap, back hands, flip and one timers
  • Deception of release
  • Quick shot release
  • Shooting off angles
  • Rebounds
  • Shooting off your front foot
  • Shooting in tight
  • Shooting off pass
  • Goaltenders positioning
  • Deking
  • Puck protection
  • Passing. Forward, Backhand, Saucer,  Drop